PlanetSide 2 Vehicles

PlanetSide 2 Vehicle Guide


The FLASH is aptly named – it is swift and slippery. A cheap, personal ride that is more or less disposable and pretty handy. You can stick a gun on the front if you put some Auraxium down on it.
Of course, the driver is completely exposed and the Flash is awfully fragile to enemy fire, so the Flash will not be winning many fights, not even against infantry on foot.

Flip it and forget it. Quick, it’s going to explode.


The LIGHTNING is a quick Light Tank operated by a single person and can be outfitted with a few different primary turrets that change its role. Most notably is the Skyguard anti-air turret to transform the Lightning into the (currently) most effective AA weapon. With a small profile and quick acceleration, the Lightning must rely on maneuverability, distance and evasiveness in vehicular combat. Though with potential versatility, the Lightning has to trade some power for that speed and pick one thing to be good at at one time.

The cheap alternative to the big boy, but no slouch for the skilled tanker (or dedicated mobile AA operator taking vengeance on enemy air).


The Main Battle Tank, unique to each faction. More costly, more powerful. All three come with a secondary gunner seat.
The TR Prowler excels at the safety of long range combat, using Siege Mode to anchor itself and speed up its rate of fire dramatically.
The NC Vanguard is a bulky and powerful tank that can take big hits and dish them out.
The VS Magrider handles uniquely, with hoverjets that allow it freedom of movement and superior control and climbing steep inclines.

Both turret and gunner weapons can be changed to all manner of things to make the MBTs balanced or more specialized in what they kill.


Two sides of the same coin, SUNDERER on the ground, GALAXY in the air. Capable of holding one dozen soldiers and brandishing several gun turrets on a swivel, both transports get many people where they need to go in relative safety.
The Sunderer doubles as a vehicle support station, emitting a repair and resupply field for friendly armor and air nearby.
The Galaxy has the ability to bunker down and act as a spawn point for countless soldiers. (The Sunderer may also gain this ability.)

The AMS will live on in our hearts. Also in our buses and transport aircraft.



The faction specific Fighters, the TR MOSQUITO, NC REAVER and VS SCYTHE can fill the role of Air Interceptor or ground Strike Fighter, depending on what you equip it with. Unlike the Battle Tanks, the three aircraft do not have such exclusive differences in their handling.

The Mosquito has slightly superior acceleration and speed, the Reaver has thicker armor and a powerful gun and the Scythe has greater VTOL and attitude adjustment. Outfitted with either air-to-air missiles or salvos of rockets, the Fighters have to pick their poison.


Thrust vectoring owns the skies! This thing can turn on a dime, Macross Zero style!


A terror in the skies, the LIBERATOR frequently frees many below of their corporeal form. A three seater – pilot, tail gunner, bomber. Slow and loaded for bear, the Liberator will make a mess before it flies off or is eventually shot down. It can change up just how exactly it can raze the ground, but ultimately remains a pure air-to-ground bomber. One unique feature of the Liberator – the pilot can use FreeLook Mode to aim his forward cannon somewhere other than straight ahead.

PlanetSide 2 Empires

The Battle Starts Now! Meet the PlanetSide 2 Empires

PlanetSide 2 is a multiplayer online action game with first-person view (MMOFPS), developed and published by Sony Online Entertainment (SOE). The game has just been released for PC (Windows), available on the official website and on Steam, being free to play (free-to-play model).

PlanetSide 2 brings improvements to the FPS (First-Person Shooter), with online multiplayer battles of great proportions, enabling gameplay with hundreds of players, in a open world.
In Planetside 2 you can chose from three different empires (or factions) that fight for global control of the planet, and aim to occupy the main land of continents for resources and influence.
Chose wisely, each empire has its on weaponry and vehicles and there are many different strategies you can implement depending of which one you chose to join with:


Terran Republic

The Terran Empire Republic (known by the abbreviation TR) uses military force to maintain strict control over colonial citizens. This is the faction that seeks to preserve public order and the law.

New Conglomerate

The New Conglomerate (NC) is totally against the rules of the tr. is led by an unusual group of rebels, outlaws, bandits, pirates and former military, seeking to reach their goals by any means necessary.

Vanu Sovereignty

The Vanu Sovereignty (VS) employs advanced alien technology on the battlefield. The Empire’s members seek to discover the secrets hidden in ancient artifacts scattered in different locations of the planet Auraxis. The VS shall banish any group that interferes with their mission.



Another highlight of the game is the variety of weapons, character classes and vehicles, depending on the chosen Empire. Each Empire (“Empire”) will feature 2 single vehicles, with strengths and weaknesses. You should know the potential of their weapons and vehicles to better combat strategy.

It is worth highlighting the ability to communicate with other team members using keyboard or voice chat.

PlanetSide 2 Classes


Currently the game has six different classes that you can chose from:

Combat Medic

If you like to play the support-role and make sure that your foot-soldiers stay alive and do their job you should chose the Combat Medic. Sometimes the Combat Medic importance gets overlooked bit its a very important piece and will help you out-push the enemy lines and make sure yours don’t get overruned. As the name indicated the medic can cure wounded soldiers and restore their health.

The medic has also a nice set of trinkets  that will increase his healing abilities.
Including grenades to revive fallen players and kits that give a regenerative aura around the Medic, and also a shield that is able to absorb bullets and heal the player protected by it.


The Engineer is the master of metal and technology, able to repair damaged vehicles, he is a very necessary class to have by your side in the big tank battles to help you push trough the enemy tank lines or defend your own.

The engineer also has some ingenious tools that are very useful, a box that will give you extra Ammo a turret that will attack enemies from a distance and a very strong shield.


The infiltrator resembles the terran ghost unit from the Starcraft universe, a very versatile class that can take out targets from miles away or get up close and personal and sabotage enemy infrastructure and equipment crippling their resources.


Light Assault

The Light Assault is a very good flanker and can harass the enemy lines with ease, being a very mobile target makes them very hard to take out and an headache for the enemies. The light Assaulter’s amazing agility gives them astonishing speed that enable them to move around battle very fast making them very good scouting soldiers and harassers.

Heavy assault

In contrast with the Light Assault, the heavy assault is an slow moving class making him an easy target if he has no support. Although the Heavy assaulter makes up for his lack of speed with his formidable weaponry and is able to unleash hell upon his enemies. This class uses a heavy Machine gun and a deadly Rocket Launcher to bring the pain. They also have a very strong shield to protect them from enemy fire.

Mechanized assault Exo-Suit (max.)

Slow is their middle… and first names… but oh boy do they pack a punch! The mechanized assault Exo-Suit is a devastating class, the MAX is an exo-suit wearer with the strength of a tank in his/her hands. Even though the class has no shield, the strong metal armor stops a big part of enemy fire and keeps the player alive. The Engineer can combo well with the MAX as he can repair the suit to keep the wearer longer in battle.

How to Play PlanetSide 2

PlanetSide 2: Empires at War


The gigantic world of Planetside 2 can be an inhospitable place for players to explore for the first time.

The large-scale conflict can be overwhelming for beginners, because planetside 2 tends to have a pretty big learning curve. However, it is never too late to start learning, and it is never too difficult to learn, no matter how many more experienced players are playing it right now.
A good idea is to have a Planetside 2 Guide to help you get the know-how of the game mechanics, classes, and general terminologies

You should look for a  guide that covers the basic principles about the many in-game features and offers an easy walkthrough to help you survive in this unforgiving universe.

Basic Tips

Before joining the fight and getting shot by your enemies (or not) you should know what your roles are and what you have to do to help your faction achieve victory in the battlefield.

In this game you fight for territory, meaning that you have to attack your enemy bases and conquer them and also defend yours from being taken.
It may sound simple at first but there is much more to it than just running like headless chickens into enemy territory and killing everyone at sight. Its very important that you play as a team, and coordinate your attacks and defensive strategies, if you try to go solo you will fail miserably, you have to support and be supported by your teammates to make it possible to win.

The endgame is to dominate the world and achieve supremacy over the other factions.PlanetSide 2 Hacks have already been released and promptly bocked and users banned for trying to cheat the game engine.

To help you with this task you will have a large number of vehicles and weapons at your disposal.